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By | June 11, 2019

Top 10 Universities in Canada | Top Ten Universities in Canada | View details of Best Universities in Canada | List of Good universities in Canada | News for Top-ranked universities in Canada.

Top 10 Universities in Canada 2019

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Top Ten Universities in Canada

Dear Visitor, In the below section of this article, we are updating information about the Top 10 Universities in Canada. Students are advised to know about the top 10 Universities in Canada read all the information carefully and in the end. Let me mention the list of top 10 universities in Canada.

Good universities in Canada

#1. University of Toronto

Originally controlled by the Church of England, the first university in the Canadian colony is structured as a collegiate system, just like the prestigious universities in the UK. All seven colleges have different histories and traditions.

There are several major achievements in the name of the University of Toronto (UofT), in which Canada has become the first Canadian university to reach the first academic publishing house, the first science fiction in the country, and more than C $ 1 billion (£ 5 million). ) In endowment

In Toronto, effective academic movements began in the University including literary criticism and communication theory, NP-perfection theory in computer science, and research in stem cell treatment.

In the university More than 700 undergraduate degrees and 200 postgraduate degrees Courses are available.

Notable alumni include five Canadian prime ministers and the writers Michael Ondaatje and Margaret Atwood. In total, 10 Nobel laureates are affiliated with the UofT.

#2. University of British Columbia

The oldest university in the province, the University of British Columbia (UBC) is the most competitive in Canada. Two campuses are one in Vancouver and one in Kelowna.

The main complex in Vancouver is near many beaches and offers views on the mountains of the North Coast. There are many flora and fauna on the campus as well as a well-known exhibit center.

UBC for candidates from war-torn countries Donald A. Wehrang offers several scholarships for students including the International Student Award. Eight are associated with the Nobel Prize Winner University, such as 71 Rhodes scholars and 65 Olympic medal winners. One type of world’s largest cyclotronic accelerator is located in UBC, in TRIUMF Country National Laboratory for particle and atomic physics.

#3. McGill University

McGill University World Economic Forum is the only Canadian Institute to be represented in the Global University Leaders Forum, which includes the heads of the top educational institutes of the world.

It was founded in 1821 and the main campus is based on Mount Royal in the city of Montreal. Most universities are in camps like Park, where many first-year students also live.

All the original buildings were built using local gray limestone, making the campus an exquisite beauty. In 1829, McGill called the nation The first faculty of medicine was established, and on this day the university scored high on the world rankings for clinical subjects.

University offers more than 30,000 students from 150 countries provide about 300 degrees. This is counted as one of Canada’s most international institutions in the form of Canada. Singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen and actor William Shatner are graduates of McGill. The University educates more Rhodes scholars than any other Canadian university.

#4. McMaster University 

The University of McMaster is located in Hamilton, Ontario, which is home to 121 hectares of land near the Royal Botanical Gardens of Hamilton. The name of the university is named after William McMaster, a prominent Canadian senator and banker who is looking for an institution Donated $ 900,000.

The McMaster Medical School is world-renowned and includes engineering, business, humanities, societies That is also the faculty of science and science. The university emphasizes research to target some of the most urgent needs in society, especially in the field of health sciences.

It includes the research of stem cells and cancer research institutes, which altered the human skin bits in the blood cells, which can help in reducing the lack of blood donors. The students and faculty come from more than 90 countries and the university Some 70 international exchange deals with universities around the world.

#5. University of Montreal

In the top five, the only Francophone University, in terms of student numbers, the University of Montreal is the second largest university in the country, with more than 41,000 students enrolled.

One-fourth of all students are international. The main campus of the Montreal University is on the slopes of Mount Royal. The historic central building was built in an Art Deco style. Seventy percent of the student body is enrolled on a bachelor’s degree.

A student union represents undergraduate and postgraduate students and has three affiliated communities and society. The sports of the university is popular, the teams are known as Karabin and there is competition among badminton, Canadian football, and other sports in hockey.

Many well-known business leaders are university graduates, with Chief Executive Officer of Joint Technology Corporation Ri Louis R. Other graduates are known for their contribution to scientific research, in which nuclear power includes innovation, visual perception, and quantum cryptography. The university has boasted among its alumni of former Premier Pierre Trudeau and Quebec 10 premiers.


Founded in 1908 in Edmonton, the capital of Alberta, Alberta University is a public research university in Canada, located on the edge of the Northern Saskatchewan River Valley. Its main campus is spread over almost 50 blocks of the city, and there are a total of 150 buildings in the university.

Which are spread over four campuses? Edmonton is the second largest Fringe theater festival for the world, a folk concert and special The college is home of the idea. Its South Campus focuses on agricultural research and is home to the 32,516m2 sports center, which includes various sports clubs, a 14-year team, and a Canadian women’s national basketball team.

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One hour drive away in the rural Camero Augustana campus is a residential learning environment for liberal arts and science. Keeping with Edmonton’s French-speaking community, university If faculty provides French instruction in Saint-Jean, which offers art, science, education, commerce, engineering, nursing, protection and courses in environmental science.


Established in 1848 as the College of Bytown for the first time, the University of Ottawa is now the world’s largest bilingual (English-French) university. The university is located in Ottawa, Canada’s capital and its main campus is the city’s Ride in the residential neighborhood of Sandy Hill.

It can be found near the canal. With more than 40,000 students, 5,000 employees and 180,000 alumni, the University National Capital Q Tri claim to have a major economic power, which claims 97 percent employment rates for its graduates.

Ottawa Arts, Education, Engineering, Graduate and Post Doctoral Studies, Health Sciences, Medicine, Science, Social Science, Civil Law, Offers more than 450 programs in General Law and the Telfer School of Management. University is the largest law school in the country.

A research university, Ottawa is a member of the U15: a group of research-intensive institutions in Canada. Ottawa Library has 12 different places in the University and collectively has more than 4.5 million titles (as of 2013). The Principal Library, located in Moritz Hall, is named after Father Auguste Morisset, who is the former Director Library of the University who founded his Library School in 1958.

#8. Western University

Founded in 1878, Western University ranks as one of Canada’s top research-intensive universities and is one of the top 1% universities in the world. For its exceptional academic programs, success research searches and excellent student experience.

Known, Westerners provide a full complement of subjects including over 400 undergraduate programs and 88 different undergraduate degree programs. , So that students can make their education in line with personal strengths and career ambitions.

More than 38,000 students from 121 countries participate in classroom experiences and study-abroad, research and volunteers to broaden perspectives and knowledge. Engage in opportunities.

Western students balanced academic achievement with the opportunities of athletic, volunteer and social interaction, promoted a strong community which expanded to more than 300,000 alumni worldwide.

#9. University of Calgary

Founded in 1966 and located near the Rocky Mountains, Calgary University is a public research university located in downtown Calgary, which is in Alberta, Canada.

It attracts approximately 30,000 students, of whom approximately 25,000 are undergraduates, 6,000 graduates And there are around 500 postdoctoral fellows. About 3,000 out of about 3,000 countries or its student body is international.

The study of university abroad Through Ykram, it sends more than 1,100 students to more than 80 destinations around the world annually. It is made possible by partnership and cooperation agreements with universities in 140 countries.

#10. University of Waterloo

In just half a century, the University of Technology Center located in the heart of the University of Waterloo has become one of the leading universities with full-time and part-time students in 35,000 undergraduate and undergraduate programs in Canada.

Waterloo, the world’s largest post-co- As the home of the operative education program, embraces its connection to the world and enters learning, research and discovery Minister encourages participation.

In the next decade, the University is committed to building a better future for Canada and the world by creating innovation and cooperation to create relevant solutions for the needs of today and tomorrow. For more information about Waterloo, please visit www. Visit

 Best Universities in Canada 2019 List

friends, we are updating here the list of Top 10 Universities in Canada. You can see in the below section Top ten Universities in Canada. Check details now-

Top-ranked universities in Canada

Canada Rank in 2019 World University Ranking 2019 University Name
#1  21  University of Toronto
#2  37  University of British Columbia
#3  =44  McGill University
#4  77  McMaster University
#5  =90  University of Montreal
6  =132  University of Alberta
7  =176  University of Ottawa
8  =190  Western University
9  =199  University of Calgary
10  201–250  University of Waterloo

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Top 10 Universities in the world 2019


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